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webSDA: a web server to simulate macromolecular diffusional association
Xiaofeng Yu; Michael Martinez; Annika L. Gable; Jonathan C. Fuller; Neil J. Bruce; Stefan Richter; Rebecca C. Wade
Nucleic Acids Research 2015; 43 (W1): W220-W224 (Article doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv335v1)

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webSDA uses a variety of in-house and third party tools. Depending on your calculations, you will need to decide which cite.
The following three should always be cited:

Martinez M, Bruce NJ, Romanowska J, Kokh DB, Ozboyaci M, Yu X, Öztürk MA, Richter S, Wade RC. SDA7: A Modular and Parallel Implementation of the Simulation of Diffusional Association Software.  J. Comput. Chem. (2015) 36, 1631-1645. (Article, Google Scholar Citations)
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PDB files used

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Electrostatic interaction used

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Electrostatic desolvation used

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Non-polar desolvation used

Gabdoulline RR and Wade RC.  On the contributions of diffusion and thermal activation to electron transfer between Phormidium laminosum plastocyanin and cytochrome f : Brownian dynamics simulations with explicit modeling of nonpolar desolvation interactions and electron transfer events.  J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2009) 131 , 9320-9238. (Article)


SDA docking

Motiejunas D, Gabdoulline RR, Wang T, Feldman-Salit A, Johann T, Winn PJ and Wade RC.  Protein–protein docking by simulating the process of association subject to biochemical constraints.  Proteins. (2008) 71 , 1955–1969. (Article)

SDA multiple molecules

Mereghetti P, Gabdoulline R, and Wade RC.  Brownian dynamics simulation of protein solutions: Structural and dynamical properties.  Biophys. J. (2010) 99 , 3782-3791. (Article)

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